July 15, 2008

Loma Prieta - Last City

The previously poopty Marin County emo band Loma Prieta went through a line-up change, an aesthetic change, and a huge leap in maturity. Their new album Last City is pretty much the best album in the emo/screamo/post-hardcore genre ring since The Kidcrash's Jokes. Of course I'm making this assertion after only three or four enthusiastic listens but so far so good. Their sound is highly influened by both the European bands like Daitro and Sed Non Satiata (think of all the slow, arpeggiated sections on the album) all filtered through a music more chaotic, yet also music, Ampere vibe. The songs are shorter, more varied, and ultimately more exciting than anything put out in the emo scene in the past year. Here's to you Loma Prieta.

Last City [2008] - Download - Review


gabbagabbahey said...

the screaming on this is intense (possibly even too intense for my taste), reminds me at points of Honeywell - and I've rarely if ever found something that lived up to their sound. plus the guitars are great on this, too.

thanks for highlighting it!

InstanthumanJustaddcoffee said...

i got this a long time ago and i love it but i just thought id stop by and comment on it
i also got their other stuff and i agree with you. although i wouldnt consider it 'poopty'. just not nearly as good.
did they get rid of the asian guy?
i loved him and he looks exactly like someone i know
if so, OH WELL