October 29, 2007

Comadre - Discography

Comadre is a band from Radwood City, CA. They play a mix of emo and punk and are really really really fun. Enough said.

The Youth (2004) - Download - Review

Burn Your Bones (2006) - Download - Review

More Songs About the Man (2006) - Download - Review

Comadre / Trainwreck Split (2007) - Download - Review

Crowd surfing to "Celly Cell" (I doubt you can see us but Victor and I are on the far right wall)


Jordan_$ said...

Hey Nick, I'm trying to get the new EP, but none of the mediafire links are working. Anything you can do?

r tuecx said...

esta banda es de la puta madre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joey said...

i made a .zip file on mediafire from the Songs About the Man Cd EP. the url is http://www.mediafire.com/?mtdgt25zntm , check it out. it's only four songs.