October 10, 2007

The Kidcrash - Recent Discography

The Kidcrash is a band that has gone through constant reinvention. They began humbly (with Beirut's very own Zach Condon as a frequent member) and their first LP, New Ruins, a pop punk / midwest indie type album that was released on Lujo Records (The Fall of Troy), to some positive response. The band since has disowned their older sound and have been crafting their current "mathy" sound since at least 2005. Their newer incarnation has yielded a stunning LP (Jokes) and two splits (to the best of my knowledge).

Split with Coffin Dancer (2007) - Download

Split with Arse Moreria (2007) - Download

Jokes (2007) - Download - Review

These releases can be purchased through the labels Init Records and Denovali Records. A super cheap copy of Jokes can be found here.

And lastly, here's a red hued video of them performing "Turtlelephant," the first track from their LP.


Jordan_$ said...

Hey dude, I don't know if you already know/care about it, but The Kidcrash also released a 3 song EP called I Haven't Had A Date In Four Years. I'm sure you've already heard it, but if you haven't I can send it to you on AIM if you want it.

It's pretty good though, it's sort of a bridge between New Ruins and Jokes, it's got some more complex instrumentation but with these wierd sort of shouted Indie vocals. Pretty catchy and good though.

Anonymous said...

re-up of the splits please?