January 4, 2008

Girl Talk - Night Ripper

Girl Talk was praised by my friends back in early 2007 / late 2006. I really liked what I had heard at the time but never bothered getting the album of the moment, Night Ripper, because I figured I'd just get to hear it every time I drank or something. The album phased out of my friends' playlists in March and it took me until October to pick it up myself. Since then I've listened to it nonstop. Seriously it has probably 20+ plays in that short time. This is the best pop / electronic album I've ever heard other than Daft Punk's Discovery and Justice's .

Night Ripper (2006) - Download - Review

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victor.gonzalez said...

One more time a celebration
You know I'm gonna do it alright
Hey, just feelin'
Music's coming feelin' on me
Come on

haha, best night of the summer: San Jose + Tres Gringos + tiffany flint + one more time