January 9, 2008

Tera Melos (Are Freaks)

Sorry to stray from my norm of just posting albums but these live videos of Tera Melos merit an aberration.

From a set in San Jose, CA

Excerpt from "Last Smile for Jaron"

New track

From a set at Modified

"Spoonful of Slurry"

"When Worms Learn to Fly"

Compilation of TM going crazy

They are so good at their instruments.


Jordan_$ said...

Yay Tera Melos. Hey Nick, I'm going to hit you up next time I see you on AIM for the song format of that live "Last Smile" video(the same vid I used in my Complex Full of Phantoms review). I remember you telling me you had that, thanks alot man.

victor.gonzalez said...

i need somebody to see them with me on sunday!

DFelon204409 said...

too bad snictorugo. im the only cool person and im 3000 miles away